Talking about my memoir, Dissecting Wobbles

May 22, 2019

Short introduction to me and why I `wrote the book. Some of the things covered, who its aimed at and how to get it.

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Psychosomatic Insanity Part 2

Hey everyone, Sorry I haven’t posted in a few weeks but I’ve been working through a few issues. Firstly I’ve had more psychosomatic insanity going down. I know, I know I should know better considering my previous psychosomatic insanity post (much to my embarrassment) but I think I got a cold or something and I […]

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Tossing a pebble into life's pond and watching the ripples

No one truly knows how much they are affecting the world, and the lives of the people who know them. (and sometimes, actually more often than not, even the people who don’t!) I don’t want to get to political but have a look at that Gorge Floyd guy, do you think he knew that he […]

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The New Normal

In case any of you guys were wondering about how I’m typing this, because my days of typing on the computer keyboard are pretty much a thing of the past. I am lucky enough to have a freaking incredible brother in law that gave me a tablet with a s pen that makes typing a […]

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Dissecting Wobbles

This is a story that keeps the reader enthralled, whilst exploring some of life's most complex philosophical questions.
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